In a nutshell, the School’s history is an effort to preserve and harmonise its foundational values combined with a continuous effort towards modernisation, improvement, innovation and foresight: 

  • Our education model is ideologically independent. 
  • We stand up for cultural differences and inclusiveness. 
  • Our teaching model is based on coexistence and respect towards all beliefs. 
  • We promote an international mindset: our students are citizens of the world. 

Principles of our educational project 

Individual attention

Our tutors, departments and Orientation Service work hard to provide each student with what he/she needs for optimal progress, listening to concerns, encouraging, providing additional support in case of learning difficulties, and providing intellectual challenges to foster development. The aim is for all students to enjoy learning, obtain broad cultural knowledge and find their own passion in life. The Tutorial Action Plan and the Assessment Manual define the specific measures adopted in this regard.  

Open minds

We foster critical and reasoned analysis, study and respect for other realities and persons, permanently providing opportunities to meet and interact with individuals of different ideas and nationalities. The deployment of the International Baccalaureate programmes and involvement in their activities and work groups is a response to the need both to seek the best educational practices and collaborate with schools and people from the world over.  

Cooperation and social construction

Society has to be built by citizens, who need to learn the value of collaboration and the importance of solidarity from childhood. Special efforts are made to foster the values of our students, with humanitarian activities from early ages. The Youth Community Action Group (Agrupación Juvenil de Acción Comunitaria, AJAC) comprises and is solely organised by students, with the College’s support and trust.  

Innovation, educational evolution, technological development

Ongoing renovation seeks to provide each student with the best quality of education; it covers all aspects, from teaching subjects in different languages to the School’s organic structure itself. Each teaching department promotes innovation among its members, in order to optimise their operative areas.   

Professional development and learning community

Challenges and innovations are contemplated and promoted for creating a comprehensive learning community; It is our opinion that a School should be an agent for social improvement, not only as a privileged site of child development, but also through its institutional influence. We promote participation in professional networks, projects with other organisations and research and collaboration activities.  

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