Our students receive highly practical training geared to real life and the current times, prioritising the goal of providing knowledge instead of rote learning, and conveying a deep understanding of fundamental notions instead of a mere accumulation of information. And all from a new way of learning in the classroom, where the teacher’s role is not so much teaching but guiding students to inquire, to be able to value information and to reach their own conclusions.

Entrepreneural mindset

Our students get used to developing and defending their own projects thanks to our educational model, which encourages risk-taking and creativity, and avoids the penalty of failure during the learning process.

In addition, we promote students’ autonomy, responsibility and leadership skills.

Through a Youth Association of Community Action managed by the students themselves.

Digital skills 

The integration of technology in the learning process is another of our flagships and prepares students for the world in which they will be living.

We provide academic education through an innovative methodology that allows us to eminently promote practical training aimed at specific projects and the development of attitudes and aptitudes that foster the entrepreneurial spirit of our students in any field.


Our School gives priority to musical education, focusing on practice, aimed at familiarising students with instrument playing. The students also have the opportunity to attend a variety musical performances.

There is also a Music School, most of the teachers being professors at the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Sevilla, where students can receive extracurricular lessons in piano, violin, cello, classical guitar and harp, viola, transverse flute and clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, horn and trombone. All classes with instruments are one-to-one lessons.

We have also promoted a Chamber Orchestra based on string instruments, and two Choirs, one for adults and the other one for children.


The School has wide sports and leisure facilities in the very centre of downtown, opened in 2017. We offer basketball, football, handball or badminton, among others.

Likewise, the School has an indoor sports centre (434 m2), a climbing wall and tatami areas for judo and jiujutsu (250 m2. Aiming to complete our education offer with the necessary means, the School has collaboration agreements with the San Pablo Town Hall Sports Complex and the High-Performance Center for Rowing and Kayaking at Isla de la Cartuja, regularly used during Physical Education lessons.