Our Residence Programme includes:

  • Family accommodation with a family of the School in full boarding.
  • Teaching: Full Teaching Programme with a curriculum adapted to the necessities and interests of the each student.
  • Lunch at the School: home-cooked school meals from a balanced and varied menu provided by our own catering service.
  • Excursions, visits and activities (during the academic year)
  • Insurance.
  • Extra Spanish lessons.
  • Special Music Lessons: optional.
  • Young membership for Real Orchestra Symphonic of Sevilla (plus companion)
  • Opera tickets (plus companion)
  • Lifetime registration in the Alumni Association (Asociación Rey Guerrero)

Host family

Family accommodation with a family of the School in full board:

  • The students will live a unique experience in Sevilla. The foreign student shares residence with another student of the same age, of the same sex and of the same year group as the Spanish student, so that he / she acts as a mentor and classmate in the adaptation and, in addition, provides a group of friends and activities.
  • The families of our School which have joined this program have done so because they believe in the program and have been chosen after a process with the following requirements:
    • Positive reports from the Tutors of previous years.
    • Positive report of the Tutor of the current course.
    • Approval of the School’s Board of Directors.
    • Visit of a person in charge of housing.
    • Interview with members of the host family.

Make your student experience counts

During your academic year you will have the opportunity to visit all these cities and enjoy the following activities:

  • Granada (two days / two nights)
  • Córdoba (full day)
  • Madrid (three days / two nights)
  • Ronda (full day)
  • Toledo (two days / one night)
  • Salamanca and Segovia (two days / two nights)
  • Mérida and Cáceres (two days / one night)
  • Úbeda and Baeza (two days / two nights)
  • Itálica (morning)
  • Carmona (full day)
  • Aracena and taurine farm (full day)
  • Visit to all these in Sevilla: Museums of Fine Arts and Archeology, Cathedral, Alcázar, Santa Paula and El Salvador.
  • Young membership for Real Orchestra Symphonic of Sevilla (plus one)
  • Opera tickets (plus one)
  • Special Music Lessons: optional, just in case you are interested in.
  • Lifetime registration in the Alumni Association (Asociación Rey Guerrero)

As well as living with the family of a classmate of the same level throughout the academic year, non-resident students of the Sevilla International College San Francisco de Paula will have a close circle of support, including a team of psychologists to facilitate their adaptation and provide constant assistance, and a tutor in charge of personalised academic monitoring, plus teachers used to welcoming students of other nationalities and languages.

Student guidance service

A team of psychologists who constantly monitor the international student community to facilitate their integration in the educational community and social environment. They also provide support throughout the learning process.


A tutor is responsible for academic monitoring, providing information to families and deciding, in coordination with the Student Guidance Service, on any support and reinforcement measures that might be necessary for students’ personal, intellectual, physical and social development.

Host family

They will be families whose children have been at the School for more than two years, who will voluntarily participate in the programme, with tutor approval. As well as the necessary material comforts, they will provide a comfortable, safe and affectionate environment so that you make the most of your stay in Seville, enabling you to rapidly make friends and create life-long relationships.